Find Out Perfect Bachelor Party Destinations in Goa

Bachelorette is one of those things which have always been a weakness for every boy out there.

While Las Vegas and Spain have got immense popularity for bachelor’s party internationally; Goa is one of the best destinations in India where you can enjoy the same.

So if you are planning you end your singlehood with a style with your best buddies then Goa is surely a place to explore.

From stunning beaches to cheap booze, you will find every single thing you want for your bachelorette in Goa. Here are some of the best destinations, or you can say ways in Goa to celebrate your singlehood in style.

rent bungalow in goa

  • Celebrate with style in a stunning bungalow: If you and your group are a house-party-type people, then this one of the stunning ways to celebrate your singlehood. Book a luxurious bungalow and do whatever you want to do. You can booze with your buddies along the pool side of the bungalow and you can well rewind some of the old stories of your gang to relive those moments. Make a bonfire and relax with a bottle of bear and some old nostalgic memories alongside with them so that you can cherish these moments even after your marriage. Last but not the least; we can book self driven cars on rent after your house party is over to explore some nearby beauties in Goa.

  • A part in Grand Island: This is just another adventurous way to celebrate a bachelorette in Goa. If you and your squad love adventure and water sports, then this place is for you. Book a reservation for your squad in Grand Island for some adventurous water sports. These will include snorkelling, banana boat ride, underwater diving and many more. One more thing which will light up your water sports adventure here is the beer. As many of the local tour companies which will book your slot there gives complimentary unlimited beer. Thus with some chilled beer and water sports, Grand Island is a great place to enjoy your bachelorette with your squad.

Curlie’s Beach

  • Party at Curlie’s Beach: Curlie’s beach has always been the most favourite party destination in Goa. If you are looking to get drunk and party like anything then this is the place where you should head to. Drink wine and beer while the DJ plays the popular fast tracks. Groove with the songs and party like never before. Thus if your squad likes partying, Curlie’s beach is the perfect destination for your guys. Conversely, while returning from the Curlie’s local transport may give you a bad trip. However, there is nothing to worry as you can get in touch with the companies providing self driven cars on rent and make the after party less hectic.

So in a word it can be well said that if you and your buddies love to booze and party, then Goa is the ultimate destination for the last party before you are getting engaged and your singlehood comes to an end.